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Natural Primary Care

As naturopathic primary care doctors we seek to provide medical care in a way that suits each patient individually. Our principles prescribe that we spend the time to find the best solutions for each patient, and educate them on maintaining their health. We provide primary care and will also work with other physicians and specialists in giving you the best treatment possible.

Expect attention and one-on-one care. 
We’re not interested in sending you on your way with a quick fix, or a health plan that is built for everyone. Everyone is different. What works for one person might not work for another. We treat the cause of your specific issue, not just the symptoms.

Expect follow-up and accessibility. 
Our doctors are truly invested in your health and well-being. We strive to create relationships with our patients, to find that blueprint for optimal health. We love seeing patients succeed on their path to health and wellness step by step. It’s a process, and we’re here to guide you.

Expect time and dedication. 
Our appointments will be longer than you’d typically expect. We take the time to completely discuss your health, and educate you on your treatment options. In order to heal, patients must take an active role in their health. They can only do so if they fully understand what is going on.

Expect a friendly staff. 
Healthcare should be welcoming and straightforward. We pride ourselves on having the ability to help with all of your questions, including insurance and payment issues.

Expect collaboration. 
We have a team of naturopaths working together ready to give you the specific care you need. We also have a wide network of respected professionals and specialists should you need further medical help.

Expect solutions. 
Not just the answers or medications to help you feel better today; but a custom-made plan to help lay the foundation for continued health in the future.

Set your sights on optimal health and nutrition. 
These are attainable goals. We can make it happen. You simply need a doctor willing to devote time and effort to get you there.

Consider your expectations, and set them even higher. That’s our goal.

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