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When you talk to a lot of naturopathic doctors, you’ll find a rich, driving purpose. And you’ll often find a story that brought them to becoming a naturopath.

Dr. Ian McLogan is no exception. Dr. Ian has joined us recently as a first year resident, and likely a permanent new addition to Natural Medicine of Seattle.

And we are blessed to have him.

Dr. Ian McLogan came to the naturopathic field with both a personal transformation and previous experience that perfectly compliments his new path.

Before arriving at Bastyr University with a new direction for his life, he had been a massage therapist for five years. As a result, hands on treatment had already become a way of life.

Now, as a practicing naturopathic doctor, he could carry over that same transformative hands-on treatment to his medical practice. Dr. Ian finds that the hands on approach adds to the personalized care he already provides as a naturopath.

But what brought him to that career shift to begin with? What was the moment that curved his path towards the rigorous process of becoming a naturopathic doctor?

Dr. Ian McLogan had a transformative moment of his own. One that informs his connection with his patients and helped form his purpose.

He found himself facing a health struggle of his own. Diagnosed with Crohn’s, he went about going through the traditional rigamarole of the medical system to treat it. As time went on, he found himself looking into other options for treatment, including natural treatments at Bastyr.

Dr. Ian discovered what wellness was, and became eager to help others in the same way it helped him.

“I see the benefit in both, in complementary medicine, but I found the naturopathic approach to be more sustainable… to bring change into your daily life for your health for the long term. I saw how valuable it is building a person from the ground up.”

Wanting to bring that same transformation to others, he focuses on providing exceptional care for people, while being their advocate in the process. He helps them learn about themselves and the care they deserve and need.

Dr. Ian believes in helping his patients discover their own path to health, whatever that looks like for them. We hope you will welcome him into our practice.

Want to learn more about Dr. Ian McLogan? Check out his bio for all the details.

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