NightLase® for Better Sleep

NightLase® – Laser Snoring Treatment

More than 40% of people snore and while many factors can contribute to poor sleep, we all know getting quality sleep is essential for optimal health.

Snoring occurs when air is not able to move freely through your nose and mouth during sleep. This is due to a narrowing of your airway, which causes tissues to vibrate and make audible sound. 

Sleep deprivation as a result of snoring has a negative impact on health and quality of life. Snorers can experience tiredness, morning headaches, irritability, and dry mouth. Studies have also shown a link between snoring and increased risks for other health conditions including cardiovascular health and metabolism. 

What is NightLase®?

NightLase® is a fast, leading-edge laser procedure for the treatment of snoring, offered exclusively with Fotona® lasers. It is a non-invasive, painless, and effective way of reducing or eliminating snoring.

How does NightLase® work?

Laser energy is used to gently heat the tissues of the airway causing a tightening effect to help keep your airway open. NightLase® requires no anesthesia and is quick, comfortable, and effective. You can resume your daily routine immediately afterwards. 

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“I have been a patient of Dr. Lauren Procopio for about 3 years. I have used her specialty in therapeutic I.V.  to avoid the flu this year twice, as well as Iron I.V. to treat my iron anemia.  I am thankful there are options available for a self employed practitioner to maintain my health, avoid time loss, and walk the health talk. The treatments available go way beyond this and I highly recommend her as a Naturopathic Doctor.”

- Heather B., Seattle

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