Allergy testing is a safe, effective and quick way to identify your allergy triggers! Our MRS allergy testing kits can test up to 72 different allergens, including trees, grasses, weeds, molds, dust mites, cats, dogs. The majority of insurance plans cover the cost of allergy skin testing, including Regence and Premera, but please check with your particular plan for service coverage.

What can I expect with Allergy Skin Testing?

Your provider will clean your skin on your back with an alcohol swab. As the first set of antigens is applied to your skin, you’ll feel small pokes from the plastic tines of the testing device. The tester is pressed onto your skin; there are no needles and no blood is drawn. This will last for just a few seconds and then be repeated in five areas. You can expect slight discomfort, as well as some itchiness from positive results. Try to avoid scratching while the test develops. Notify your provider if you feel symptoms other than itchiness.

How soon will I get test results?

Results will be available in just 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, your provider will read the results and remove the antigens with an alcohol swab.

What should I do or not do before allergy testing?

  • Refrain from exercise for two hours before your test and plan to avoid exercise or strenuous activity for two hours afterward.
  • Do not take antihistamines for three days before testing. If this is not possible, contact your provider to discuss options so you can take the allergy test as scheduled.
  • Notify your provider before the test if you take beta blockers (blood pressure medication). If you are using beta blockers at the time of testing, your provider will perform a blood test instead of a skin test.
  • Alert your provider if there’s any chance you’re pregnant. He or she can test for pregnancy before the skin test. If you are pregnant, you will receive a blood test instead of a skin test.
  • Tell your provider if you have ever had an anaphylactic reaction or have uncontrolled asthma. Inform your provider if you have been diagnosed with cancer or an immune disorder.


  • How does sublingual immunotherapy work?
    Low doses of harmless allergens are placed under your tongue where they are absorbed by tiny capillaries. These allergens then attach to dendritic cells, which in turn affect your TH2 immune cells in ways that reduce and/or eliminate allergies and related symptoms.
  • How safe are allergy drops?
    Drops are extremely safe, with rare, and mild, side effects. There have been no fatalities reported. SLIT has been used for over 60 years worldwide and the majority of allergy patients in Central Europe receiving immunotherapy use SLIT.
  • How long do I need to take allergy drops?
    Four years. If you are unable to complete the treatment, the allergen resistance will last a few weeks or months after treatment is discontinued. You will be able to restart treatment at any time, but if several months have passed you may be advised to restart at the first stage of treatment.
  • When should I start to see results and how long will they last?
    Within the first three months of sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) treatment. By the time you come in for the follow up at 12 weeks you’ll likely be feeling much better and already taking less of your usual allergy medications. The length of relief varies from person to person but most patients experience significant improvement for at least 10-15 years. For some, it will be significantly longer!

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