Environmental Health

Here at Natural Medicine of Seattle, we recognize that wellness can also be influenced by our environment. Chronic, inflammatory conditions such as headaches, ear/nose/throat concerns, and fatigue can be triggered by external inflammagens that can be identified. Mold, biotoxins, heavy metals, pesticides can interfere with quality of healing and lead to a build-up in the body.

We offer different options when it comes to investigating your environmental health:

  • Heavy Metal Testing
  • Organic Acids Test
  • MycoTOX and GPL
  • Respiratory nasopharyngeal swab tests

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“Dr. Lauren is a diamond and will over time prove to be a tremendous asset.  I noticed from the very beginning that Lauren will go the extra mile.  She understands that by working through patient concerns and questions that she is actually benefiting too.”

- Micronutrients Deficiency Patient, Seattle

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