Allergy Testing

When it comes to allergies, histamine reactions may present in a person in different ways. Some show upper respiratory ailments like sinus congestion and itchy eyes. Others can present with an upset stomach, constipation or diarrhea, or skin rashes.

Allergy testing may be the answer. Here at Natural Medicine of Seattle, we can determine what allergy test would be right for you.

Testing options include:

  • Skin Allergy Testing for environmental allergens
  • Food sensitivity testing (IgG/IgA)
  • IgE food panels
  • Celiac Disease and gluten sensitivity

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“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Procopio for around 5 years now and she has totally changed my life!! Thanks to her, I’ve never felt healthier or more energetic. She really listens and responds to all concerns in the most genuine way and I never feel like she’s distracted or rushing to get to the next patient. She’s incredibly bright and passionate about her work and interpersonally she’s a total peach.

We’ve done a lot of testing and work together that I never really thought I’d have access to in my life. She analyzed my raw data from DNA testing, we got to the bottom of hidden allergy issues, and we do regular micronutrient shots and IVs. I also have tricky veins and she is pretty much the only person I trust to find them. With her, nothing seems intimidating or overwhelming.

- Candice J., Seattle

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