What is Natural Medicine?

Natural medicine is a natural approach to wellness, healthcare, and recovery. We integrate the best of modern medical science with a more natural approach, including:

  • One on one discussion
  • Clinical analysis
  • Labwork
  • Herbal and/or nutritional supplementation 
  • And experienced observation

Natural medicine looks at the natural functioning of the body, and delves deep to find the root causes of ill health in order to help the body heal and return to healthy function. 

We start with the lowest impact, most natural therapies first, which includes our leading work in IV therapy treatments. Beyond natural primary care and naturopathic doctors, we also work with highly qualified specialists like nutritionists and others. We are driven by naturopathic principles:

  • Healing Power of Nature – The body has the unique ability to heal itself when you treat the root cause of an illness, aid the body’s natural health, and create a healthy environment. In natural medicine, we work to understand what is happening in your body so we can create the right conditions for it to heal and stay healthy. Our natural approach to medical care and natural therapies is about giving the body what it needs, eliminating what is causing problems, and guiding the body back to healthy function.
  • Do no Harm – Natural medicine focuses on the use of low impact therapies and treatments that produce the largest changes. Our natural practices use the gentlest and safest methods necessary to both diagnose illness and restore wellness, avoiding harsh chemicals and unwanted or dangerous side effects. We can help you find alternatives to the medications and conventional medical procedures you may be facing, providing a more natural approach. 
  • Prevention – We help you naturally prevent disease through lifestyle, nutrition, and using naturopathic therapeutics to prevent minor illnesses from developing into more serious diseases. By bringing you to optimal health, we help you sustain your health by guiding you towards a lifestyle that sustains the optimal functioning of your own unique body.
  • Find the Cause – Above all, we focus on finding and treating the cause of illness instead of just treating the symptoms. Natural medicine avoids the suppression of symptoms unless necessary, as this can cause the underlying disease process to progress and become a chronic condition. We help many struggling with chronic conditions, looking for the root cause that created or exacerbates the condition.
  • Respect Individual Integrity – Everyone has their own beliefs about life and medicine and it is our job to treat the patient in alignment with their life situation. We don’t force a particular mode of therapy on you, but rather we work with you to find the best treatment to fit not just your body, but you and your life.
  • Treat the Whole Person – By treating the root cause, we always treat the whole body instead of isolated symptoms. Only by returning the whole body to a healthier state, can the body heal and stay healthy. The body is an integrated system with every part affecting the rest of the body.
  • Doctor as Teacher – Only when you understand your body and its health can you make informed choices about your healthcare.  So much of what we do is about educating you on what is going on with your body and what your treatment options are. We also see that for us to understand what we are recommending for you we also need to have a commitment to living as an example.  In other words we practice what we preach!

For more details on the services we offer, explore our services section.

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“Dr. McLogan has a great knowledge of both conventional and Naturopathic medicine approaches. I have sent patients to see him and have worked closely with him, and I have never been disappointed with his skillful approach.  Dr. Ikeda is also a top notch physician.  She holds a valuable healing space for her patients.”

- Dr. Blake Myers, ND, Bothell

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