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Dedicated to helping you feel vital and healthy.

Restore and sustain your health with one to one natural primary care at our convenient Seattle location near University Village.

Primary Care


IV Therapy

We believe in treating the whole person, instead of isolated symptoms.  Our naturopathic doctors work with you to identify and treat the root cause of illness.  Our strategies in integrated holistic healthcare will empower you with optimal health and wellness.  

Our physicians are leaders and teachers in the field of natural medicine. Our highly effective IV therapy treatments, advanced and taught by naturopath Dr. Ikeda, bring relief to both acute and chronic health conditions naturally.

Naturopath with patient providing natural primary care

“We’ve rebuilt my health one step at a time. For the first time, the underlying causes of my chronic condition are being addressed"

-Chronic Pain Patient
  • Natural Solutions from Naturopath Doctors, Physical Therapists, and Nutritionists.
  • Our Physicians Listen, Discussing your Health One on One.
  • The Highest Standards of Both Natural and Conventional Medical Care.
  • Insurance Accepted!

Preventative care, primary care, and chronic conditions all benefit greatly from our naturopathic perspective. Every patient receives personalized, one on one care, finding the root cause and restoring health naturally.

As naturopath primary care doctors, we accept insurance, prescribe a full range of labs and medications when they are needed. We use scientific results combined with family history and in depth discussion. Together, we look into what is happening in your body so we can restore it to a healthy state. And we keep you healthy before disease starts.

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