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Sept 27th Event: The Food and Body Connection

The Food and Body Connection in Seattle

A mid-day event exploring the science of food biology, the relationship to food and the body, and navigating the many complicated diets that are part of our world today. It's happening right here in Seattle, and includes a sampling of delicious foods to try!

September 27th at 10am
Atrium Kitchen in Pike Place Market
Seattle, WA

Join our very own Dr. Lauren Procopio, N.D. along with personal chef Jennifer Asmundson and nutritionist Beverly Kindblade, MS, RD, CD on this culinary adventure with everything from technical presentations on food science and the effect on human biology, to how a chef addresses the many changing food needs of a city obsessed with good eating!  

There will be plenty of time for questions of all three professionals, as well as many tasty treats (enough to satisfy a brunch appetite) that encompass many of today's special dietary requests (i.e. Paleo, Gluten Free, Dairy Free).

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